I coach together with my husband David, who is an accomplished pianist and music director. Most coaches either require you to hire a pianist , or they accompany you themselves at the piano. In our studio, you benefit from the complete attention of your coach while also enjoying the freedom of singing with the accompaniment of a professional pianist.

If you are a musical theater performer living in the NYC area and you are seeking an audition coach, you've come to the right place! I have been coaching talented young musical theater performers for over 10 years, and I'm passionate about my clients' growth. In our studio, you will find a supportive, safe, and fun environment in which to improve your audition skills and gain confidence. Whether you're an experienced singer with years of study, or a dancer looking to improve your singer call auditions, we'd love to see you!

iChat and Skype Coaching Now Available!

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"Tina Marie has an uncanny ability to come up with the perfect, sometimes obscure, material to suit the individual singer/actor's unique talents and intention. She intutitivly zones in on what the performer needs to shine at an audition, helping him or her to interpret the material in the most truthful and effective way. David is ultra sensitive to the singers needs. He can play anything and his arrangements are tailored to show you at your best."

-Rachel York